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This website is a collection of all things I do, whether they are Arduino related, software related or just vlog's.

About me, gives you a little information about why I do what I do and what got me interested in doing it.

Robots, is collection of all of the robots I have build. It includes videos pictures and short write ups.

Other things, documents all of the other things I have made. Things on this page range from musical insturments to face tracking experiments to blinky LED's.

Tutorials, is just a nice page full of all my Arduino tutorials. The handy thing about this is you can scroll down the page increasing your knowledge as you go!

Vlogs, these video logs keep you updated with things I am doing and sometimes even give you sneak peaks into some of my secret projects!

Resume, is just a page for potential employers who may be interested in seeing what I can do.

Webstore, is a place where I sell stuff!

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Any dontation contributed will be greatly appreciated and will aid me in my teaching efforts.